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Double Slider card - For those more advanced Stampers

Welcome back Crafters 

As promised I am here today to tell you a bit about the workshop I held on Monday the 27th March 2017. It is was based on a design I saw by Fran Ward
I have made a 9 page Tutorial that I am offering for $5.00. So if you are interested and would like to give this card a whirl and have a PayPal account please look for the PayPal.Me link at the end of my blog.

 I always prep my classes and do a double check the night before...Around 12 months ago I purchased this large guillotine...I put it away when it turned up as I didn't realise HOW large it was and didn't have the room for it...I finally got out again it around 2 months ago to prep for a large class. WOW what a difference this made to prepping time Seriously cut prep my time by well over half!

  My Guillotine

#Doubleslidercard  #Heatembossing #Reverseimage #KOCreationscard #Happybirthday #Funfolds #Workshopclass #Customerappreciation #besttoolever

All set ready to go

#Doubleslidercard  #Heatembossing #Reverseimage #KOCreationscard #Happybirthday #Funfolds #Workshopclass #Customerappreciation #besttoolever

I made Thank you cards for my customers who placed orders and attached them to their order in a nice little bundle. They loved them so much they asked to do them for the next class!! Pretty Cool :)  I will supply different sentiments for those who want something other than a Thank You card.

My next class is  a Make & Take event to be held on the 24th April 2017

Last Months class pictures

#Doubleslidercard  #Heatembossing #Reverseimage #KOCreationscard #Happybirthday #Funfolds #Workshopclass #Customerappreciation #besttoolever

#Doubleslidercard  #Heatembossing #Reverseimage #KOCreationscard #Happybirthday #Funfolds #Workshopclass #Customerappreciation #besttoolever

During the workshops and classes I do normally take pics like the ones above.These above are from last months class...Each lady pictured was present at the workshop for the double slider card workshop though + 4 more.
 I had two new stampers arrive for the advanced workshop, so I had my time filled by aiding two very enthusiastic women, who just wanted to give it a go...I do wish I managed to get a picture of their work...they both did an amazing job. They listened so very well to absolutely every instruction given and also watched how the more advanced ladies worked too.

How I run my Classes

I am sure everyone runs their own workshops and classes a little differently, but I will just give a little run down on what I do for my class attendees and customers.
I hold 1 Make & Take event every month, sometime like Monday I add a workshop in between. This is where we focus on 1 bundle and practice the learn't techniques, for 1 card only.
I always start my workshops and classes with a little chat reminding them all about cleaning stamps and how to use the stamp pads in a correct fashion. Every one who comes treats all of my tools with respect. I have never had any items broken or mistreated, so far and I don't expect too either because of the constant reminding lol :)
I provide each customer with take home catalougues and updates on new products, they are also given a wishlist and a Stampin' Up pen with their catalougues. 
Provided for them every class and workshop is a simple lunch with beverages. I also offer a sample of DSP as a lucky door prize.
I am nearly always running a full class, unless for unknown reasons I have had to change a date...I recommend trying to not make a habit of changing class dates for this reason. Of course some times circumstances do get in the way of this and when this happens most people will understand.

I offer monthly incentives to purchase, but at the same time I don't push that side of it too hard. I always use a Hostess Code and the Hostess Code lasts for 1 month. It is for those who want to purchase Online and they are offered the same incentives as my class attendees. It is closed at the end of class when I place the class order. I always hold my classes as close to the end of the month, for this reason.

Here is a basic list of my incentives. Anyone who place any size order, under $50.00 go into the draw for small non expensive items, such as wink of stella pen or an item that I may have earn't for Free. Those who purchase $50.00 or more go into the draw for a stamp set or bundle (depending on cost of item) If anyone puts a large order in that comes close to the Demo start up price, I always let them know about the savings and other benefits if they join my team and become a hobby demonstrator.
If you are just starting out, I hope that these tips have helped in some small way.

Here is the actual card that we made at the Workshop

Double Slider Card

#Doubleslidercard  #Heatembossing #Reverseimage #KOCreationscard #Happybirthday #Funfolds #Workshopclass #Customerappreciation besttoolever

We used the Balloon Adventures bundle and the Bella and Friends stamp set.
Some of the techniques used were embossing, sponging blending, reversing an image, fussy cutting and stamping in two different colours . 

The tutorial is for this exact card, but comes with all instructions on how to create the Double Slider Mechanism. Once you have learnt how to create the mechanism itself you can design the front and insides to your own tastes.

Here is the link to purchase the tutorial...
Please ensure that you add a valid e-mail account in the 'notes to seller' section and that your inbox can hande a large download.
I will send you an e-mail with your tutorial ASAP.

If you would like  a list of items that were used or would like to purchase any of these items I have used then I have added them all to the carousal below.

Thank you so very much for stopping by.

If you have anyquestions please ask them in comments below.


  1. Fabulous idea and card Kim. Great tutorial too and will have to CASE your card and share with you soon. :) xo

    1. So happy you liked it Juana, thats a huge compliment coming from you!

  2. Hello
    I have paid $5 a few days ago and still havent received my tutorial.

    1. Hello Jenifer, Thank you for calling my attention to your payment. PayPal didn't send me a notification plus it's been the weekend here where I live and my family become my focus druing that time..I apologise for the delay. Please check your e-mail as it has been sent. Thank you for your support and your patience x


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