Sunday, 14 May 2017

Random Act Of Kindness RAK Blog Hop

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"Welcome to the Random Act of Kindness (RAK) Blog Hop. You are visiting Kim Oliver in from Australia I am showcasing the cards I have given and or received as part of the Random Act of Kindness Card Group on Facebook. 

Each month, we each select a few people from the Group to send a RAK card to, to brighten their day. 
Please feel free to join the Group if you would like to participate in the RAK cards movement (blogging is not mandatory).

To join the group please click HERE or the #hashtag above

These are the cards I have made and sent for this month, May.

#KOCreationscards #ImbringingRAKcardsback #Randomactsofkindness #Sharingthelove #Rubberstamping #Creativeideas #RAK

Giving and receiving cards is such a joy for me. 
The feeling of going to the mail box and getting something other than a bill is awesome. It brightens my week and brings a smile to my face every single time 😊

#KOCreationscards #ImbringingRAKcardsback #Randomactsofkindness #Sharingthelove #Rubberstamping #Creativeideas #RAK
#KOCreationscards #ImbringingRAKcardsback #Randomactsofkindness #Sharingthelove #Rubberstamping #Creativeideas #RAK

The other reason I love giving and sharing what I create is I am sharing my ideas world wide with other like minded people who love Stampin' Up!® as much as I do.

#KOCreationscards #ImbringingRAKcardsback #Randomactsofkindness #Sharingthelove #Rubberstamping #Creativeideas #RAK

These are the cards I have received for the month of May so far

#KOCreationscards #ImbringingRAKcardsback #Randomactsofkindness #Sharingthelove #Rubberstamping #Creativeideas #RAK
The stunning cards above come from as follows:  Top row: Melinda Brown, Natash Easton, Shelley d'arcy, Shelley Young,
Bottom row: Amanda Higgin, Terry Hamilton, Anna Krol and Tracy Bish.

Oh nearly forgot one! And it's another pretty one too! 
From Shirley Jones Taylor
here it is

#KOCreationscards #ImbringingRAKcardsback #Randomactsofkindness #Sharingthelove #Rubberstamping #Creativeideas #RAK

These are just a few of the gorgeous cards I have received!
There are loads more from earlier months...You can click HERE to view these from an earlier blog I did about this fabulous group 😍
Each card I have received is as individual as the person who created them.
Their style and personality shine through in their creative efforts.
I love seeing everyones beautiful creative ideas in such a hands on way. It is so inspirational too in so many ways. To know that these fabulous people are willing to share what they create with a total stranger and share kindness and love so willingly has helped me to feel good about the world again. Especially with so much bad news from all over the world.

#ImbringingRAKcardsback (By Kylie  Bertucci) and #makeacardssendacard (started by Sarah Douglass)
These are two hashtags you can use if you receive a card as a Random Act of Kindness, This will enable peple who are searching for RAK to be able to see the love being shared all over the world!

I hope the projects you've seen here on my blog today have inspired you and have brightened your day. 
 Please see the list below and hop around all of the people on the list to see all our projects. You don't want to miss any!

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Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting with me today. If you ahe  any questions please ask in comments below. 
I always reply


  1. They are all sooooooo gorgeous!

  2. great cards Kim...Thanks for mine

    1. Thanks Michele :) You are most welcome x

  3. What lovely cards being sent and received - it's heart warming xo

  4. Some lucky recipients to receive your beauties & you've been very spoiled back! Thank you for joining in on the first RAK Blog Hop! xx

  5. Your sent and received cards are amazing, Kim! You are so talented! Love this group!


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