Wednesday 19 April 2017


Welcome back crafty people :)

Please note that due to school holidays here in Tasmania my posts will be a bit fewer for the next 2 weeks. I want to spend as much time as possible with my children during this time. 

But, right now 
I have something I want to share with you!

It is something close to my heart and gives me my dose of feel good too!

Random Acts Of Kindness....

I am part of a group that sends out cards made from current catalogue products to randomly selected people from a list of participating people that are also part of this fabulous group...Sound interesting??
Then you can take a look and perhaps even join HERE
This wonderful group was founded by Kylie Bertucci, who is still part of the group and an active member, as am I, plus around 500 others!!!
To be part of the group you do need to have access to Stampin' Up!'s current product, but you do not need to be a demonstrator! You could be a customer who just loves Stampin'Up! and sending smiles all around the world. There is no set limit to how many you send...It can be 1 card or 50 cards the choice is yours!

This picture below is of recent cards that I have received from all over the world over the last couple of months..
Each one has bought a a wealth of happiness and filled my heart. And also my head with fab ideas too!

#Imbringingrakcardsback #RAK #Sendingsmiles #Snailmailisthebestmail #Nobillsmorelove

The next shots are some cards that I have made and sent or are sending soon to people within the group.

#Imbringingrakcardsback #RAK #Sendingsmiles #Snailmailisthebestmail #Nobillsmorelove

I select names randomly from the month it is (example this month April) there is a list of people who have said they are be participating ... Select some names, find their address on the list and send your envelope of smiles to them

#Imbringingrakcardsback #RAK #Sendingsmiles #Snailmailisthebestmail #Nobillsmorelove

This was my last lot, sent for the month of April..
You have until a certain set date (normally close to the end of the month) to send your RAK cards.

#Imbringingrakcardsback #RAK #Sendingsmiles #Snailmailisthebestmail #Nobillsmorelove

Just a reminder, if you would like to participate then you must have access to Stampin' Up!'s current items and be willing to send cards for free just because you love the idea of making someone happy.

To Join you our group can click HERE
 I hope you enjoyed this post and the idea of the group.
Perhaps it's something you can think about starting within your own community? It doesn't have to be based around Stampin' Up, it can be just people sharing card making ideas...
Or even try a craft swap?? Share crafty ideas and smiles with other people..The possibilites are endless!

On that note I will now leave you, as I am heading out with my family. We are off to the movies to see the Smurfs  The Lost Village :)

Bye for now and look after each other xx


  1. This is SO AMAZING Kim!! It is wonderful to have you as a fellow admin in the RAK group. It wouldn't run as smoothly without you and the other admins. Such an amazing group and so much fun!! You are proof that when you give - you receive in abundance. Amazing work and THANK YOU!

    1. Thank you very much Kylie, it's an honour working with you on such a beautiful group with nothing but such lovely and good intentions


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